TVR Connectors

Old style connectors, how to take apart and refit. Crimp terminals are available from VWP Ilkeston, Derbys (see These are used throughout my TVR, in 3,5,9.... pin versions. It is a good idea to lubricate these connections with some electrical grease (I have seen some cars where vaseline has been liberally applied).

The connectors are round with a locking tab which neatly ensures the terminals do not come out, when the housing latch is pressed home. The terminals also have latches which seat into the housing.

To dismantle simply press out the housing latch at the side of the housing where the wire is. Then from the opposite side of the housing each pin has 2 latches, which are at right angles to the locking tab (they are parallel to the housing latch) each of these must be gently pressed inwards with a small electrical screwdriver. The pin will then come out, to replace just bend the tabs out again, be gentle so that you don't break these tabs.